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I couldn’t let this slide by.

Alright, alright. I have done a terrible job of blogging over the past year. Yikes. A solid year. But, today, when we hit up Evergreen Farm for our annual Christmas Tree trip, I knew I couldn’t let the day go by without updating the ol’ bloggy blog.

Every year since our move to Texas, we have headed out to Elgin to find the perfect tree. Once Jack came along, the following year, we started taking photos against their measuring wall. It’s not the most accurate thing in the world (the first year, it has Jack measuring in at 21 inches) but it sure is fun to see just how much the boys change from year to year. Please excuse the missing 2008 photo of Jack. I was in the throws of morning sickness that year and there was no way we were making the trip out there.

Jack- 6 mos (2007)

Jack- 2 yrs (2009)

Jack- 3 yrs (2010)

Tommy- 5mos (2009)

Tommy 17mos (2010)














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:::tap,tap,tap::: is this thing on?

Well, we’re back in TX and starting to settle in. It was yesterday that an explative shot out of my mouth when I realized that T-bone’s birthday was 10 days away and we (read: MC) had done NOTHING to prepare. Not.a.thing.

I took a quick poll of some girlfriends to see if it was a big deal if his first birthday was delayed and delighted in the fact that a few of them celebrated birthdays MONTHS after the actual date. I love that. It’s like the ultimate “un” birthday. So, that’s what we’re gonna do.

I thought I could snap a few shots of Tommy to use for his invitations (which HAVE to be ordered tonight) and, of course, Jack wanted in on that. The kid who never wants his photo taken HAD to be a part of T-bone’s session. As I look through the pictures, I see a foot here, a CheChe there, a finger poking something or other. Oh, speaking of fingers poking (Jon is going to kill me for this)- Tommy found Jack’s penis this morning. You see, Jack has been doing AWESOME w/ potty training. We’re on day eight in big boy pants and day six with no accidents. So, Jack was walking around sans pants (as you do in the morning) when Tommy crawled up and :::poke, poke::: I told Tommy that he has one, too, and to move along.

Alright, back to the original story. I managed to get one good shot of Tommy (I think), but I thought I would share one of the three year old and save my one shot for the invites.

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Oh, Jack. Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet guy.

There are so many times during the day when my stomach hurts from laughing and all I can say is, “Oh, Jack.” Today, Jack’s third birthday (I am actually typing just one minute after his birth time) was no exception. He didn’t nap and I’m not above bribery, so when I went in to his room to tell him, “Jack, no birthday cake tonight if you don’t close your eyes and go to sleep,” he promptly shut his eyes.

That is, until I went to shut the door. I heard him ask, “Umm…is it chocolate cake?” I guess chocolate is worth shutting your eyes.

Jack got to drive the golf cart today at the club. He’s three, you know, and I guess three year olds are allowed to drive the carts.

He’s going to need just a bit of work when it comes to telling people how old he is.


Wait. No, four!

I got it. Three!

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In the good old VA!

Sorry for the lack of posts. Jack, Tommy and I are up in Virginia for a month (A MONTH!!!) between Crazy’s Sarah’s bridal shower and her wedding. It just didn’t make sense to make two flights to the DC area within a month. I think you’re crazypants if you sign up to do that with two small children. Crazypants, I tell ya.

Anyway, the boys have been getting into trouble in Chantilly, as I would expect. Tommy is pulling up regularly now and Jack is all over the place. Actually, he’s at the bagel shop w/ his Papa right now (fingers crossed for an everything bagel w/ cream cheese upon their return).

We’ll be celebrating Jack’s THIRD birthday while we’re up here. I can’t believe it. I’ll need to do a look back once we return to Austin; I don’t have tons of photos of him on the computers up here.

In the meantime:

This makes me happy.

This makes my heart happy.

If you’re reading this from Austin…we MISS you and can’t wait to get back into the mix.

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Just a quick entry

1. I’m not a fan of the drizzle.

2. I AM a fan of this giveaway bracelet. So much so that if you win it b/c of entering b/c of this blog, you’re going to need to tell me about it so that I can have it. I already have a quote picked out and the recipient in mind.

3. That is all.

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Eight (is great) on Tuesday: the (mostly) Jack edition

Jack is a funny, funny kid. I think he knows it, too. He has said quite a few funny things (which probably won’t seem funny once I type them out) and I feel like I need to document them somewhere, so here we go. I’ll try to toss in some T-bone here and there.

1. First things first. Jack has been watching loads of Madagascar. He calls me Gloria. I’m going to continue to tell myself that it’s because she is the only female member of the group. Jack prefers to be called Melman these days. Every day (and night) before nap time and bed, Melman will say, “Good night, Gloria, I love you.” To which I am supposed to reply, “I love you, too, Melman.” Jon has become Alex and Tommy is now Rico.

2. Jack’s favorite line from the movie is the penguins when they say, “Just smile and wave, boys, just smile and wave.” So, that’s what he does to EVERYONE we pass. Just smile and wave, boys.

3. We were over at a friend’s house on Sunday enjoying a lovely bbq. They have a small, rabbit shaped  planter on their back patio. Jack was running full speed (like he was landing an airplane) until he stumbled upon the bunny. He squatted down low to pet the ceramic planter and said, “You are a wonderful bunny.”

4. Here’s Tommy.

He’s gooey. But the poor fellow has an ear infection and when we went to the dr. to have him checked out, she nicked his ear while trying to clear out some wax. There was blood and plenty of it, so I gave him a pass today when it came to wiping his nose and chin. He had been through enough.

5. Jon and I were talking about his cousins who ran the Boston Marathon on Monday. I was reading off their time splits and we were amazed that Colby was really spot on w/ his times, running each 5k in about 22-25 minutes (if memory serves). Jon excitedly said, “Wow, now that’s consistency.” Jack looked up at us from what ever he was doing and replied, “Consistency makes me HAPPY!!”

6. We were having yak tonight for dinner. Yakburgers, to be specific. As I was grilling them, Jon was out front w/ the boys. Some neighbors walked by w/ their daughter in a wagon. I asked Jack if he wanted some cheese on his burger. He totally ignored me, looked at the girl and said, “Hey! You wanna share my yakburger with me?”

Just smile and wave, boys.

7. Jack thinks that Tommy’s crib is his UPS truck and he uses it to make deliveries to the airport. Tommy doesn’t seem to mind.

8. They’re funny and I love ’em.

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beside the bluebonnets

While Jon gave Tommy his bath last night, I asked Jack if he wouldn’t mind going outside for a few photos. Never one to pass up the opportunity to go outside, he was all for it.

First, he stopped and sang on his tree microphone.

His current favorite song:

Then, he ran real fast…

and decided he would sit on the sidewalk next to the bluebonnets, but definitely not in them. Oh, and for the record, he does not like sitting criss cross applesauce, thank you very much.

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wordless wednesday (moved)

I’m cheating. I need words. But only b/c I posted this yesterday and accidentally made it into its own page. So, here’s Wordless Wednesday!

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he’s too cool for school

Last night, we finished dinner in record time so we decided to head outside and enjoy what was left of the beautiful day. The weather was perfect, so we hit the trail up towards the park for Jack to play. He’s such a riot, saying hello to practially everyone we pass. We’re still working on teaching him to run (real fast) on the right side of the trail so that he doesn’t get in the way of cyclists. Overall, he did a pretty good job. Tommy enjoyed the stroller ride- he just kicked back and relaxed. Jon was smart and popped these sunglasses on him before we left. Unlike Jack (who haaaaaated them), Tommy kept them on the whole time.

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Bluebonnets and boys make me smile

Fall used to be my favorite season. No question. I loved watching the leaves change and I anxiously awaited being able to break out the heavy sweaters and scarves. Since moving to Texas, there really isn’t a Fall- or at least, not the kind I am used to. It actually caught Jon and I off guard last year when we flew to NC for a wedding and saw the bright orange and yellow leaves starting to fall from the trees. I had actually forgotten just how different it looks on the East Coast compared to here.

Now that we’ve been here for a few years, I have really come to embrace Spring. Winter isn’t really that cold here, so it’s just kinda blah. And then, all of a sudden, you’re driving down the road and you see these little sparks of color; blues, reds, yellows. Those little sparks turn into full fields of gorgeous wildflowers. We learned VERY quickly that you can’t let a year go by without lugging the little ones (and not so little ones) out into the wildflowers to take a picture.

This one was taken out in front of our house. I love that the bluebonnets are getting to be so plentiful right outside our window!

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Aaaaand, we’re back.

Phew. That was hard. I have SO much to blog about…I just need to remember it all.

This morning, the Easter Bunny dropped a few eggs in our front yard! Jack has become a pro at finding them (not too hard when they are neon colored and on the ground). Next year, it’ll be fun to actually hide the eggs in different nooks and crannies.
Tommy didn’t participate in the hunt this year. It was wet outside and the idea of him crawling around in the grass just wasn’t on the top of the list. He did get an Easter basket filled with puffs and yogurt melts and books. What more could a nine month old want??

Here’s Jack, showing off his loot:

So, I’ll leave it at that for today. I won’t post the video of T-bone’s hilarious laugh or the photo that shows that he’s gettin’ curly hair (yes!!). That’ll have to wait. Have a wonderful Easter, everyone!!

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Half way there!

This is going to be short because the boys and I are about to sit down to watch Selection Sunday. Come on, Hokies!

Jack got tubes last week on Tuesday. The procedure went well and he got two (!) popsicles afterwards. The nurse offered him a third, saying how impressed she was with his eating. I quickly let her know that, no, he didn’t need a third popsicle after fasting for the past 14 hours- we’d grab him some breakfast once we got home.  Jack wasn’t  a fan of the twice daily ear drops. The first night, we had our windows opened and I was concerned that (at least one of) the neighbors would be calling CPS on us based off of the screaming Jack was doing. He got the hang of it, though and with just two days left of the drops, he is now called “Dr. Jack” as he administers the drops in both Jon’s and my ears.

He’s feeling right as rain, now. We’re hoping that the tubes keep the ear infections at bay. If they don’t, at least they can be treated w/ drops (by Dr. Jack).

"Hi. I'm Dr. Jack. Are you ready for your ear drops?"

Oh, I forgot the funny part. When Dr. Jack goes to give you your drops and you ask him if it’s going to hurt, he says, “Yes!” At least he’s honest.

Finally, a very happy St. Patrick’s Day to you from T-bone O’Urban

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Sunday update(s)

I guess this could be like a Ten on Tuesday. We’ll just pretend.

On the first day of Lent, I started making a mental list of all that I would blog about when I could catch up on Sundays. Yeah. That lasted about 1/2  a day before I started forgetting things.

1. Jack thinks it’s hilarious to assign things to Tommy (what he likes and doesn’t like) based on the fact that he’s a baby. A few weeks ago, Jack decided that baby food was, “yuck” but Tommy liked it because he was a baaaaby. The conversation went like this:

feeding Tommy baby food

J: I try some baby food?

MC: Sure! (knowing that he won’t try it ever since he had some cold sweet potatoes)

J: Yuck. That’s for babies. Tommy likes it. He’s a baby. And Baby Ava likes baby food and Baby Joseph likes baby food and Baby Jesus likes baby food…

Then, he ran out of babies.

2. Speaking of beautiful Baby Ava- Last week, Jack, Tommy and I were all playing in Jack’s bed. Jack took off my headband and slipped it on to Tommy. He decided that Tommy then looked like Ava. See for yourself:


And here’s Ava w/ MerBear:

See the resemblence? Probably not, since Ava doesn’t have her headband on.

3. Here’s the silly boy who thinks they look the same (because they’re both babies).

4. Jon likes that Jack can do that eyebrow thing.

5. We (finally) painted the upstairs landing. Well, that’s not completely true. It’s just about finished- I just have to fill in some spots while Jack is at MDO. Jack was very into picking up the paint supplies. Needless to say, he needed to paint (with water) when we got home. He’s a natural.

6. And then it snowed!

He wasn’t a fan. The big, fluffy stuff long since gone once he woke up from his nap and was replaced with windy, wet, flakes. Not a fan at all.

7. Tommy’s still a flirt.

8. And here’s evidence of that pesky tooth that is making him a frumpy fellow:

That little glint that looks like it could just be a light reflection on his gum is really a tooth. Trust me.

Oh, and can I just say that I’m proud that I can show a photo THAT close up of Tommy’s nose and there’s not even a bit of snot hanging out?!? Probably b/c Jon was the last to play w/ him. Jon’s good about keepin’ that nose clean.

9. Gotta go The Olympics- USA! USA!

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raise your hand…

if your Mommy is going dark for Lent.

I will only pop online to check email and pay bills. No updating the blog until Easter. I think I’ll keep a running list of dates/ things to blog about.
Grandparents- don’t worry, you’ll still get photos via email.

PS- Tommy cut his first tooth today.

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excuses, excuses.

One of my friends mentioned my sorely neglected blog when I saw her on Saturday. Number one excuse…this guy:

He’s all, “Hey there. I’m not getting into any trouble. I’m just here, looking cute.”

And then:

Wait, wait. He wasn’t there just a minute ago.

Yup. Once you can move on tiled floor in slippery soft pajamas, you are officially a crawler.  :::sob:::

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He loves…

milk, fruit, baths, tickles on his tummy, grabbing his toes as soon as they are out of his pjs, his big brother, his finger, daddy’s stubble. We’re not sure about the order, but we’re pretty sure he loves all of these things. We love him.

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ten (??) on tuesday.

1. Jack is sick. Last night at 2:30a, I heard him wake up calling for Mommy.  Being the dutiful mom, I woke Jon up and asked him to go sleep w/ Jack. Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to be that big of a deal. I thought Jack would fall right back to sleep and all would be well. I didn’t go in, myself, because I knew I would wake Jack when Tommy woke up hungry (did you catch all that??). Well, Jack tossed and turned and cried and fussed for the rest of the night. At 6:00, Jon said that he was feeling pretty warm so we took his temp. Yeah. He was warm. 104.3. Fortunately, some ibuprofin brought it right down and we’re on monitor mode.

2. I grabbed this shot of T-dog yesterday.

3. So far, he’s not sick. I’ll keep that cute hat on him, just in case.

4. Jon is doing great. Well, not today because he’s exhausted (see #1). Other than that, he’s doing really well.

5. I grabbed this shot yesterday, too.

6. He’s a happy boy. Everyone who meets him describes him as the most chill baby ever. I agree. He only fusses when he’s tired, and who doesn’t, really?

7. There won’t be any pictures of Jack this week. He’s sick. And he has a busted lip (which I hear looks worse before it looks better) and a bad hair cut. Poor kid can’t catch a break.

8. Yesterday, when I picked him up from MDO, he ran to the door to greet me and then went back to his table to clean up his mess. He’s a good kiddo.

9. Must make it to 10.  Oh, I tried (unsuccessfully) to convince Jon that it would be “fun” to paint the landing of the stairs this past weekend. When I suggested it, he responded, “Why?” I couldn’t argue w/ that.

10. I think I’m gonna try to convince him to tackle it this weekend. I’ll come back with, “Why not?”  Ha!

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We run a tight ship…

…a well oiled machine, as it were. Here at the Urban house, we come up with a plan and we stick with it.

Jon and  I were invited to a birthday party for this afternoon and decided, since it was during Jack’s naptime, we would leave the boys with our favorite babysitter of all time.  Becky was due to arrive at 1:00. Jack would go down for his nap around 12:30, giving us plenty of time to tidy, get ready, etc.

Well, Jack decided to sit on the potty from around 8:30 until noon (no poop). At 12:00, Jon was taking Jack outside to run off some energy. As they were heading out the door, I reminded them, “…just a few minutes, Jack needs to eat lunch!” I started the dishes from breakfast (confession: and last night’s dinner) while Tommy played on the floor. It was about 10 minutes later when I hear a screaming Jack at the door. I thought he was upset that Jon was making him come back in so soon.

Nope. He was screaming because of this:

It’s cold here in Tejas. No, not as cold as the East Coast right now, but cold. Jon saw that Jack had pockets in his sweatshirt and was showing Jack how he could shove his hands in there to keep them warm. I think Jon forgot that Jack runs real fast. Off he went until…kersplat. He face planted right on the sidewalk. All teeth are present, but Jack walked was carried away with a lip that is pretty busted up.

Our master plan suffered a minor kink, but Jack was a trooper and downed a smoothie, some ibuprofin and settled down for his nap shortly after. Becky showed up and was took care of the boys plus her gorgeous girl while Jon and I enjoyed the par-tay. It was awesome to walk into the house and see three happy kids!

Oh, about the haircut. Please ignore. I promise I told the lady to keep it long. I guess long was interpreted as, “Please, keep everything long except for the front. Cut the front as short as you can.”

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we’re still here…

…complete with drool.

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It snowed.

Yes, it was only for about 15 minutes, but it was long enough for Jack to get out of bed (he had already gone down for his nap), stand at the door unsure of that white stuff blowing everywhere and then run outside to play.

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Tommy has eyebrows (and other goings on)

They’re expressive little things, those eyebrows. He can lift just one (like his daddy) and scrunch them all up (like his mommy). I was walking around the house today w/ T-dog on my hip (as always) and I passed by the mirror. I thought I needed to get a photo of him at this age- the age where he is carried all over the place. So, I call this one, M&T at arms length. It was HARD trying to get this picture. My camera is heavy and not exactly “stick one arm out and smile” friendly.

Tommy wasn’t quite sure what to make of that thing mommy was holding. I think he was busy wondering why I hadn’t wiped his nose. Just keeping it real, folks.

In other news, Jack likes to sing B-I-NGO. He knows all of our first and last names (including that of the grandparents) and is using every outing to show me what numbers and letters he knows. Just today he spotted the letter H, and numbers 1-6 (on our way up the parking garage). Smarty pants. Oh, that reminds me of this picture taken over 2 years ago.

We’re supposed to get snow tomorrow!!! If we do, it’ll be Jack and Tommy’s first snow. I’m ready with hot chocolate and mittens and spare socks. Bring it on.

Jon and I have a date tomorrow. We’re going to a wine tasting (Austin style) followed by dinner for his office Christmas party. Our favorite ever babysitter will be here with the boys and Jack is super excited (I’m hoping he doesn’t freak his freak when he realizes that Ms. Becky coming means Mommy and Daddy are leaving).

I need to update the carepages (I’ll do that this weekend), but Jon’s surgery date has been scheduled! One more treatment, some rest time and then he’s gettin’ all patched up.

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they added more soil.

They had to. There is NO way Tommy is that much taller than Jack was.  No way.  If you look carefully, you can see that Jack was further away from the measuring board and the ground was lower. That has to be it.

Friday after Thanksgiving, 2007

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flashback friday

What a difference two years makes. Our little baby has turned into a boy.

Friday after Thanksgiving, 2007


Friday after Thanksgiving, 2009

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I’m sure I’ll forget things, but a few that come to mind…

My husband. The most amazing man in the world (to me).

Our family and friends both near and far. We could not ask for better people in our lives. Truly.

Our home and Jon’s job, especially when so many around us are struggling.

This little guy right here:

and this big guy right here:

who both bring endless joy to our lives.

For Jon’s health. Things could have gone much differently over the past year and we are forever grateful that life has taken a course we can manage.

There are many other silly things for which I am thankful: Hokie football, Alamo nights with Jon, Vanessa’s mother in law’s pumpkin roll (yes, Lyndsay, I’m saving you a slice because I am thankful for you), and Glee. But, I’ll end with our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. We’ve been there and know what it is like to have family away and I am so thankful that there are men and women who are willing to give so selflessly.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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sunglasses on saturday.

perfect for an indoor, rainy day.

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flashback friday.

Joyce called it.


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Talk about it Thursday: Awwwwww, Chech.

“Oh, Chech, you’re so soft….” Jack says that all the time. Che Che the Chetah is very loved by our little guy. He was a gift from some of Jon’s friends for Jack’s first birthday and Jack has slept with him ever since. He goes to school with Jack and then (lovingly) gets tucked into his backpack for the ride home.

Yesterday, Jack wasn’t sleeping during his nap. I didn’t think much of it. Sometimes Jack just chooses to sing or read books up in his bed. But, when I went to go get him up he said, “Chech?” Oh man! I had totally forgotten that we left Che Che in Jack’s bookbag in the car. Bad Mommy moment.

We immediately headed outside, without shoes, to rescue the poor, cold Cheetah. The reunion looked something like this:


Ohhh, Chech...I missed you sooo much. Let me free you from this bag!


Hey, look there, a rock! Be right with you, Chech.




Oh, Chech. You're so soft. I'll never leave you again.


I blame you, woman.

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wordless wednesday

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It’s Tuesday. Here’s 10.

1. Jack has been waaaay out of sorts for several days now. A quick visit to the dr. showed that he has an ear infection. It’s his first and hopefully his last.

2. One week and two days until Thanksgiving. Yum.

3. When The Urbans went back to NC, I got to take pictures of this little cute one.

4. One of the first things Jon and I noticed when we were driving in NC were all the leaves on the ground. We took advantage of that teachable moment to introduce Jack to “autumn.” You know, that crazy thing that Texans only read about in books. On the page after that, you read about this thing called “snow.”

5. Ding!

6. “Ding” is the sound that is made when you pinch someone on the hiney.

7. Check out Judgy McJudgerson. I snapped this shot of him while he was at school. I think he gets that look from his Daddy. Anyone who knows us knows that I am lying through my teeth right now.

8. You know, looking at that photo, he does have Jon’s eyebrow lift thing going on. I can’t lift one eyebrown to save my life.  Man. If looks could kill. I should go find a smily picture of Jack.

9. Mashed potatoes. I love them. This year, they have been outsourced to one of our Thanksgiving guests. I have been assured that they will be filled with cream and garlicy goodness.

10. I went in search of a “happy Jack” photo, and I found quite a few. I like this one, though. My three guys. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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Who wouldn’t want to win a free kitchen?!?

:::shameless blog entry:::

Melissa and Doug are having a drawing to give away one of their awesome play kitchens. By blogging about it, I get a (whopping) five entries. So far, that’s five out of over 2,000. Hey, I’ll take what I can get.

You can enter, too!

Off to tweet for some more entries!

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I’ve got the fever

and the only cure is more cowbell.

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i don’t have a picture…

of when I asked Jack to “please not pee on [his] brother.”

i need to remember moments like these forever.

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hey, hiney!

(don’t tell jon)


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wordless wednesday


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traveling with two: a review

I’ll admit it. I was scared. Very scared. I was quickly approaching a state of panic, but with two small ones, there’s no time to panic.

Pre-trip preparations:

When our friends, e and b, told us they would be getting married in North Carolina there was no question that Jon and I were going to do everything we could to get there to celebrate their nuptials. At first, we were concerned that Jon might not be well enough to go. We were lucky that the wedding fell on the weekend of one of Jon’s “off weeks.” That, paired with the new meds that Jon has been taking made his chemo a non-issue. However, we did take precautions and I will do the same again for all future flights.

Buy travel insurance OR book your flight through an airline with no cancellation penalties.

With two small kids, there’s just no way to tell who is going to be well on any given weekend. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to take a child who has been throwing up for the past couple of days onto a three-hour flight. It’s not fair to them, it’s not fair to the other passengers and you’d be kinda crazy to even try it. For about $16 bucks you can have the option of cancelling at the very last minute. We chose to book with Southwest. They allow you to cancel up until your flight time. They won’t refund your money (if you purchase their cheapest fares) but you can take a full credit, which is good enough for me!

We asked my  parents to meet us in North Carolina to take care of the boys for us while we were attending the wedding. They stayed in the same hotel as us and were the best babysitters EVER. Next tip:

Book adjoining rooms in the hotel.

If you have friends or family that will be helping you with your little ones, it only makes sense to have a connecting door. Jack was all about going back and forth from room to room. It wouldn’t have been possible if he needed to go out in to the hallway each time. Also, it made life SO much easier when I was nursing Tommy or putting on makeup or searching for Jon’s missing ID (more about that later) to be able to tell Jack to, “Go see Papa and Mer Ber,” and know that he could just walk on over.

Toddlers take time. In this case, they take time to adjust to new things. The key for our son was to talk, talk, talk about what was going to happen. Jack knows the airport well. He has been flying since he was a newborn and has ALWAYS (knock on wood) been a rockstar on planes. Seriously. Other passengers have stopped us getting off of the plane or in baggage claim to tell us how great he was on the flight.

Buuuuut, this was Jack’s first flight in almost a year. His most recent connection with the airport is that it’s where we go to pick up Nana Linda, Mer Ber, or Papa. He loves going there and watching the passengers come down the escalator trying to spy the person who is coming to see him. It had been too long since he had gone through security, waited at the gate and sat through a flight. So, we really talked this trip up. Starting about two weeks ago, we would talk about how our day was going to go. We told him all about parking the car and riding in the yellow van with black “poker” dots to get to the airport. We talked about going through security and staying with Mommy and Daddy. We told him all about sitting in his seat while we were on the flight and about how the nice flight attendant was going to come by and say, “Oh, hello Jack! Would you like some bubbly water?” to which Jack could reply, “Yes, please!”

Knowing what to expect and what we expected of him was key.

Talk (A LOT) about your trip.

At the airport and on the plane:

Product of the century. I mentioned this in a previous post, but it needs to be repeated. Shoot, it needs to be shouted from the rooftops. This is the BEST TRAVEL PRODUCT EVER. EVER.

Once your child is two, they require their own seat on the plane. You have a choice of allowing them to sit in their car seat or directly in the seat on the plane. For us, it was a no brainer. I had read those (horror) stories of the toddler who wouldn’t let mom or dad put on the seat belt or kept unbuckling it before takeoff, resulting in the family being kicked off the plane. I didn’t want to be that family. Jack is used to his car seat. He knows that he can’t unbuckle it, so he doesn’t even try. The end.

But, that means that you have to lug this seat all over the airport. Enter the Gogo Babyz.

We borrowed the Gogo Babyz from a friend and I feel like I owe her my sanity. If you have two adults and one toddler, you could get away with out it. But, with two adults and two kids, why not do everything you can to make your travel experience easier? For the low, low price of $89.99 (less if you want a recycled one), you too can be smiling as you cruise through the airport.

A couple of things (and yes, this should go into pre-trip prep, but whatev): We practiced using this at home. Not only so that Jon and I could quickly put it on the seat and take it off, but also so that Jack would know what it was going to be like to be wheeled around in his car seat. It would be a new thing for him and we wanted to limit how many new things we threw at him in one day! So, the night before, we wheeled around the lower level of the house and he had a ball!

Get yourself a Gogo Babyz, or at the very least, figure out how on Earth you are going to get a toddler car seat around the airport.

As an added bonus, kids just look adorable being wheeled through the airport in this thing. Other passengers look and smile (rather than scowl at that awful, awful child kicking and screaming as they are dragged to their gate). You can also wheel it directly to the seat of the plane, with your cutey waving to each seated passenger on the way back. Hilarious. And no, not hilarious in the “only a mom would think that was cute” way. Hilarious in the “seriously, everyone was laughing at this two-year old riding in style” kind of way.

Here he is boarding the plane:


Oh, that reminds me of another tip (shared w/ me from the same friend who loaned us the wheels): Have one parent walk BEHIND the child being pulled. The last thing you want is for their loved one (Chech in our case) to be thrown on the ground only to be discovered missing once on the plane. Oh, the horror that would cause.

I bet you’re wondering where the other little guy was.

I was wearing him. It gave me two (much needed) free hands and it kept him asleep for a large portion of our trip. Win/ win.

Leave the stroller at home (unless you KNOW you will use it on your trip) and wear your baby.

Tommy (our baby) is still waking up pretty early and Tommy (my dad) gets up early with him to take him for walks so that Jon and I can sleep in. We knew that we would need a stroller for this to happen, so I called a friend at our destination and asked to borrow one.

If you know ANYONE at your destination, call ahead and see what you can borrow.

Yes, this is another “Hey, that belongs in the previous section,” tip. Sorry, I forgot.

If you have ANY friends or family in the area, even if they don’t have kids, they might know someone who has kids. Call ’em up and ask. It won’t hurt, I promise. If it can save you from packing yet another thing, it’s worth it.

Jon and I choose NOT to have Tommy in his own seat on the plane. Even when there are extra seats and we COULD take his car seat on to have him sit in it, we opt not to. I prefer to nurse Tommy (if he is so inclined) during take off and landing to help alleviate the pressure in his ears. If the car seat is on the plane, your baby MUST be in it during take off and landing (and I’m pretty sure anytime the fasten seatbelt sign is on). It’s easier for me to comfort Tommy while I’m holding him, so that’s what we do.

Bring distractions for the plane.

For us, that meant books, dvds, food and a stuffed animal (Jack’s choice). The night before we flew out, while we were packing, Jack was allowed to pick out five books and three animals to take with us. Of those, he could choose one animal to take on the plane and then he helped us pack the other two.

Oh, a note about the dvds. We bought a portable dvd player for this trip. We chose this one for a couple of reasons. The cost was right, it had 6 hours of power but, most importantly, it had a “hold” feature. Jack LOVES to press buttons. This one allows him to press the buttons all he wants, but it won’t stop/ fast forward/ rewind the movie. He hasn’t watched many movies/ tv shows at this point in his life. I thought I had nailed it by picking up Cars, A Bug’s Life, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Milo and Otis. Imagine my surprise when he didn’t want to watch ANY of them. Good thing I had broken them out a few days before for him to preview (he eventually started to like A Bug’s Life and Cars the best).

Books- great for take off and landing and when you’re not allowed to have the dvd player on.

Food- I’m not above bringing new, tasty snacks on the plane and both a bribe and a distraction.


Here’s Tommy, mid flight. Oh, another tip. If your baby uses a paci, get one of these guys to attach it to his clothes. I’m all for using pacis that have fallen on the floor. Makes you stronger, in my opinion. But, not when it fall on the plane floor, or the hotel floor, or the airport floor. That’s just gross.

You can’t really see it in this photo, but the boppy is underneath him. BRING YOUR BOPPY. It saves your arms. It also is a nice buffer between your baby’s head and the bag of that guy who is walking down the aisle with no regard of his fellow passengers.


Aaand, here’s Jack. Sippin’ on his gin and tonic. Kidding. It’s his bubbly water. He loves the stuff. He and Chech are just kickin’ back and watching Cars. No big deal. He does it every day.


Here’s happy mom and dad, rejoicing in the fact that WE have the two kids who aren’t crying. Yaaaay! Our kids rock!! We win, we win!!

I’m kidding. Which brings me to my next tip:

When your child cries on the flight, it’s really not THAT big of a deal.

I remember w/ Jack I would totally go into panic mode if he so much as whimpered. What wound up being 1-2 minutes of crying felt like 1 hour of sheer torture. I just KNEW everyone was staring at me, rolling their eyes, cursing my name, cursing my brother’s name, etc. But, think about it. We’ve all been on a flight with an unhappy baby. If it’s REALLY bad, we get off the flight, we tell who ever picks us up about the baby that was crying and then we move on with our life and never think about it again. Done.

Neither Jack nor Tommy cried on any of our four flights this weekend. Seriously, we win.

Last tip:

Sit towards the back and be the last folks off.

I say “towards the back” and not “in the back” b/c the slamming of all the cabinets back there can wake a sleeping baby in no time flat. Let the other passengers off before you. It takes time to unload two kids and all of their things. They might not care if your kid cried for two minutes, but they WILL care if they are all set to get off the plane and you are standing there strapping on your child, getting his stuffed animal, attaching his car seat to the wheels, etc. Just sit and let them pass and take your time once everyone else is off.

I think that’s it, although I reserve the right to come back and add. Happy flying, folks!

Posted by: mcurban101 | November 3, 2009

ten on tuesday

1. On Thursday morning, The Urbans will take our first plane ride as a family of four. Eeeek. This is the first time that Jack will have his own seat. He used to be quite the flier, with at least 4 round trips before he was 1. I don’t think he has flown since last Christmas, so this should be interesting. We are borrowing this from a friend. I’m hoping Jack will think it’s cool to ride around the airport like this. We’ll see.

We are returning to RDU (for you Texans, that’s Raleigh/Durham, NC) to celebrate the wedding of our friends, Brian and Elena. I seriously get tears in my eyes when I think of the joy they bring to each other, as well as everyone they meet. Jon and I are so blessed to be able to call them friends. I’m gonna be a blubbering mess. Until I get to the reception, then I’m gonna be a drunk, blubbering mess. Did I mention that Mary and Tommy will be taking care of the boys? OK, I won’t be drunk but I’d be lying if I told you I’m not looking forward to a night out with Jon sans Jack and Tommy. I wonder what kind of mischief the Urban boys will get into while we’re out for the night.

2. Hiney.


Jon brought this naked bundle of hugeness downstairs after his bath. I think he knew that Tommy was still on my bad side after last night’s choice to get up every half hour or hour. Jon knew that one look at those delicious rolls and all would be forgiven. Jon is obviously the peacemaker in the house.

3. When we get to North Carolina, I’m gonna spend Friday night taking pictures of this beauty. She just turned one. I still remember sitting with her Momma the last time I was in Chapel Hill just willing little Sophia to make an appearance before I needed to head to the beach for another (awesome) wedding.  Oh, how I wanted to be there to capture a newborn session with her, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Kate was trying all the tricks in the book, but Sophia was going to come in her own time. I’m just glad I’ll be able to grab some shots of her this time around.

4. I convinced Tommy to let me practice on him tonight. It’s been a while since I worked on shooting during the sunset.


His daddy does the same thing when I take practice shots of him. He’ll look off in the distance, deep in thought. Such pensive fellows, those Urban boys.

5. Jack wanted in on the action, too. He had a croupy cough last night, so we had a pajama day today. After being up all night (I’ll just keep mentioning that until I get the sympathy I deserve), I knew that there was NO way I could safely drive anywhere today, so there was no reason to get dressed, right?


6. Oh, after I take pictures of Sophia, Jon and I are going to head over to take the money of all of our friends. Yep, I’m pretty sure a poker game is in order. They have it comin’ after what their Tarheels did to my Hokies last weekend. I’m still hanging my head in shame. I don’t wanna talk about it.

7. I bet you’re wondering where our Halloween pictures are. We went trick-or-treating w/ friends this year (Jack’s first year, which makes this story even more pitiful). Right as we arrived, I sent Jack up to the door for a practice round. I switch on my camera and the dreaded “no card” appeared on the LCD. Yep. No memory card. Our friends were great, though, and I’m pretty sure there are some shots of Jack in the bunch. I don’t wanna talk about it.

8. Anyone else planning their Thanksgiving meal already? Care to share your tried and true recipes?

9. Anyone jealous that I have already finished Christmas shopping for Jack and Tommy? Kaleidoscope Toys had a HUGE sale on Halloween morning. Everything (well, almost everything) was on sale for 31% off. I was in and out within an hour. Now, if I can just keep the toys out of sight and resist all temptation to break them out early.

10. Ok. I have to share this. Jon is gonna kill me, but I need to have this written down or else I’ll forget it. It was a hilarious moment in an otherwise yuck day.

I was changing Tommy’s diaper and Jack was walking by. Very casually he asked, “Tommy has a little penis?” Not to make a big deal out of it (after all, he is only 4 months), I replied, “Yes, Jack, Tommy has a little penis.” To which Jack replied, “Jack has a BIIIIIG, BBBBIIIIIIGGGG penis.”

I don’t wanna talk about it.

Posted by: mcurban101 | November 2, 2009

that’s how he rolls.

Tommy has been rolling, regularly, for a bit over a week now. I guess a video is in order.

I present to you, Tommy rolling:

And, just to keep things fair, a flashback of Jack rolling:

Posted by: mcurban101 | October 31, 2009

two little pumpkins.

Ok. Check ’em out. See any similarities?


tommy pumpkin

Tommy 4 mos.


Jack 5 mos.


Posted by: mcurban101 | October 30, 2009

flashback friday



I’ll do my best to get Tommy into this outfit sometime this weekend. Stay tuned!

Posted by: mcurban101 | October 29, 2009

Too tired for a title.

Yesterday, Tommy had his 4 month appt. He weighed in at 18 lbs 3 oz and was 28.25 inches. Huge. That puts him at 95% for weight and off the chart for height. He got all of his 4 month shots and has spent most of his day doing this:



I took the boys to their first Halloween fair (?) over at the Round Rock Community Center today. Jack was a bit apprehensive when greeted by a whole bunch of strangers in costumes at the door, but when he realized that he got candy for doing the games, he was a bit more willing. He and his friend had their photo taken for the local paper, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled to see if they show up in press (I have to say, they looked awfully cute in their costumes- a penguin and elephant).

Here’s a picture of Jack on our way to the fair:


Jack is all about his costume. He loves wearing it, despite the hot and humid weather. Oh, and the head piece is key. He won’t wear the costume without it. He’ll tell you all about his long trunk and tusks.

Also new in Jack’s vocab, “No! Mommy, no!” Sigh.


Posted by: mcurban101 | October 27, 2009

10 on tuesday.

1. I’m writing this on Sunday night. I like to be prepared like that.

2. When I saw this jack-o-lantern, I thought “Awwww,” and then, “hee hee,” and then, “wait…I have a little boy about that size…” and then, “I wonder if Jon and Jack would run grab me a massive pumpkin?”

3. I did jinx it last week. I mentioned Tommy’s awesome sleep and wouldn’t you know that ever since Thursday of last week (when I so brazenly bragged out him to a bunch of other moms of infants) he’s been up every few hours. He’s partially forgiven, simply because he’s cute.

4. I love this guy.


5. Jon is half way through treatment numero nine. Awwww yeah. He is going with a friend to see UNC beat UT in basketball in December and realized that, at that game, he’ll be done with treatments by almost two weeks!!

6. They did go get me a pumpkin. It was huge.

7. We squished Tommy into that squash.

8. Pretty cute, huh?


9. He didn’t quite fit.


10. I know I cheated by breaking up the pumpkin topic. Whatev.

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he runs real fast.

One of my favorite all time lines out of Jack’s mouth; “Jack run real fast?” That question, asking permission to run, quickly turned into the statement and finally into an exclaimation of pride. “Jack runs real fast!”

You sure do, Jack. You run* real fast.


* Yes. Our son runs with sticks. We think it makes him more tough.

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(not so) old blue eyes

Tommy is quickly approaching 4 months old and, like his big brother, is working on becoming quite the charmer.
He will flash a grin when someone says hello and he has the fake shy routine nailed. His giggles melt my heart and he’ll talk to anyone willing to listen.
We have his fourth month pedi appointment on Wednesday. I’ll update his stats then.


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wordless wednesday


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a few on tuesday

1. Jack continues to crack me up. His new thing to say is, “Hmm…I’ll think about that.” I’m pretty sure he got this from Ms. Anne, his MDO teacher because Jon and I don’t use it regularly.

2. I don’t want to jinx it, but Tommy has had two really good nights of sleep. I’m talking falling asleep sometime between 7 and 9, waking up around 2 and then going back to sleep until morning (which is anywhere from 5-7). I’ll take it!

3. I just took T-dog out into the back yard (which Jack mowed w/ his bubble mower earlier today) to enjoy the gorgeous weather we are having.

he's not so sure about the grass

he's not so sure about the grass

squishy faced from the breeze

squishy faced from the breeze

4. Lyndsay decided to out do herself and have a raffle to raise more money for MDA. Remember when I said we had raised more than $1,700. That was a lie. Well, it was the truth at the time, but now it’s a lie. We’re way above that now. I’m not gonna say how much. Not yet.

5. I’m hosting the infant get together on Thursday. I love those. Just a bunch of babies hanging out on the floor of our family room. Nothing better.

6. I wish there were fire ant eaters that lived in Austin.

7. I’m not a fan of messy faced children with food all over them smiling towards the camera. Yuck. Buuut, I didn’t have any photos of Jack to share for this week so here ya go. Let’s pretend this is a picture to show that flick of hair that I love that is always there in the back and there just happens to be a little pudding on his face.



8. Pink pacifiers. All the cool boys are using them.

pink9. Really, it was the only one available at the HEB. Which brings me to a rant. Can we PUH-LEASE get some more boy things (or at least uni-sex) things in stores?!? It’s ridiculous that both times I’ve hit up the baby section of HEB there have only been pink packages of pacifiers. Pathetic.

10. Have y’all been watching Glee? I’ve probaby watched every episode four times. I’m not ashamed.

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and here’s how jack goes down

I’ve mentioned before that Jack is a singing fool. The best times to hear his new song creations are when he’s punchy and ready to sleep. Here are two clips that I recorded yesterday:

In this one, he is trying to “wrap him up or he’ll get cold.” I think he’s trying to swaddle Che Che using his truck book. Check out the tenor around 23 seconds.

Sticking with the “wrap him up” theme, Jack has moved on to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell.

Posted by: mcurban101 | October 18, 2009

pre-nap giggles

A friend of mine was mentioning that her daughter gives no signs of being tired before the “putmetobedrightnoworiwillgocrazy” screaming begins. No ear tugging, no yawning or sucking on her fingers. It made me think that I needed to capture Tommy’s tired routine. Tommy, almost like a college student getting his second wind, starts the giggles before extrememe exhaustion sets in. It looks a little something like this:

I pretty much feel like the funniest mom on the planet until the “youhadbettergetoutthatswaddlerightnowandletmegotosleep” scream starts. I didn’t video that scream. The long and short of it is, from the time he starts telling me, “Oh, mom, your wit and charm are just too much for me,” to the time he says, “you are a crazy, crazy fool, woman!” is about three minutes. Just enough time to get out the straightjacket and hope that you can make it to his crib before this happens:


Yes, he has a pink pacifier. What’s it to you?

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i’m so proud.


I love this picture. It’s priceless and probably an indicator of the years to come.

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wordless wednesday



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10 on tuesday

Here we go.

1. Supposedly, there are all kinds of tips to reduce your double chin when having your photo taken. Some of these include shooting down (person w/ DC looking up at the camera), pushing your chin out rather than down, and pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Allow me to demonstrate.

Tucking chin down, tongue out:


pushing chin out, tongue against roof of mouth (I think? I mean, who can tell, really?)


Do you see the noticeable different in double chin size? Go on, go find your nearest mirror and practice.

2. I am still recovering from Saturday’s 2nd Annual Life in Motion Monster Bash! I didn’t drink enough water during the day (read: I didn’t drink ANY water during the day) and woke up the next morning feeling hungover. I’m still trying to catch up.

3. Wanna see some of the pictures? Check out the teasers on Lyndsay’s blog. First you’ll have to get past Joyce’s adorable boys. Good luck.

4. Oh, did I mention we raised over ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS?!? ‘Cause we did.

5. There’s something growing out of the mulch in our front yard. Jack thinks it’s a carrot, so I have to keep him away lest he try to eat it. When I told him it wasn’t a carrot, he moved on to thinking it was a finger. I’m stumped. All I know is it’s not a carrot and it’s not a finger. Guesses? Here’s a picture of it. Gross.


6. Jon said we need to just pick it. I don’t know why he’s saying “we.” I’m not touching that thing.

7. The Urbans are going over to some friends’ house to watch the UT/ OU game. It’ll be our first time watching UT football with other people(we usually stick to the Hokies or Maryland). My job this week is to find some orange shirts for us. Jon said to grab some from the Walgreens. I’ve never purchased clothes from a drugstore and I don’t plan on starting now.

8.  Jon is on treatment #8 and doing much better today than he was at this time last week. The real test will come tonight. That’s when was feeling worst during #7. If he can get over that hump, we’ll be home free!

9. I’m booking our hotel this week for Elena and Brian’s wedding in North Carolina!!!! We are so excited to head back to Chapel Hill. Godins, Finegans, Urbans, Shieldeses (spelled the way I say it), Frang and anyone else I’m missing, YAAAAAY!!!

10. Whew. I didn’t think I could do it this week. Let’s make #10 a good one. Hmm… Oh, I have a sad one. Papa left yesterday. How’s this for a Motley Crew:


(note: Jack is working to reduce his double chin. The Tommys aren’t)

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